Children's Fitness, Sport and Cultural Tax Credit

Fitness, sport and cultural activities have always been an integral part of our children’s lives in Prince Edward Island.

Whether it be hockey, ringette, basketball, karate, dance or learning to play a musical instrument - these activities help provide social and recreational opportunities that contribute to the healthy growth and development of our children.  And the benefits extend beyond the obvious skill building and physical benefits, to teaching important life skills, like patience, resilience and self-esteem, as well improved social skills and a sense of belonging.

These activities and programs can be costly and no child should ever be left on the sidelines because of financial barriers.   

Here is another idea worth sharing:

A Children’s Fitness, Sport and Cultural Tax Credit, allowing families to claim eligible fees paid to register their child in an artistic, cultural, recreational or developmental activity.

The Tax Credit would allow families to claim up to $750 in expenses per child for a program involving physical activity, arts, culture and recreational activities.