Let's focus on what unites us.

Politics has always been a passion for Islanders.

Islanders are more informed and engaged than they have ever been.

And I believe – when Islanders see politics in action – they don’t feel as if that politics is reflective of the people its designed to serve.

Most Islanders don’t feel part of it. Most Islanders have difficulty seeing themselves within our politics. I believe that is because politics has become too partisan, too mean and too personal.

I offered my name to be a candidate for Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party because I want to lead the change that people are longing for when it comes to the conduct of our politics in this province.

I want to bring a different tone and style to our government and our legislature. I want Islanders to see politics in action and not only see themselves within it – I hope we can make them proud to see it.

Not only do I believe we CAN do it differently, I believe Islanders are demanding that we MUST do it differently.

Last week, I was in Hunter River. This week, I was in Summerside. Next week, I'll be in Montague & Charlottetown. I have been sharing my positive vision for our party and our province. At these events, we speak openly and honestly. We share ideas. We share beliefs. We share passion for improving the lives of all Islanders. 

This is what politics is about. 

We are too small to only focus on what divides us. Let’s focus on what unites us.