Governments make decisions every day, big and small - thousands over the course of a mandate. That is the reality. Traditionally, running for politics means coming up with a small number of promises you hope will attract support to your party and win the election: cut this tax or add this program.

I’ve said it often. I don’t have all the answers. I have ideas. You do as well. I pledge to respect the input and ideas of others, especially those I may not agree with.
It is not the Leader’s job to dictate policy. If elected Leader, my commitment to the PC membership is that within 30-days a policy development process will be released. This process will include open sessions across the province and online engagement to ensure everyone has an opportunity to provide input. We will seek input from individuals, groups, organization, and communities.
To me, what is more important is the approach a government will take in decision making. That is why I want to share with you the values that will guide my decision making as Leader:
  1. Respect: We are all citizens of this blessed Island. I, and any government I am involved with, will respect all citizens regardless of race, gender, religion, cultural belief, sexual orientation, age, economic standing, political belief or geographical location. We will demonstrate that respect in addressing issues and needs, setting policy and implementing action.

  2. Fairness: I believe Government has an obligation to treat all citizens fairly. This is easy to say, not always easy to do, especially when some might equate fairness with, “doing it their way.” To me, fairness is a basic element of our democratic process. I would like to be treated fairly. My commitment is to be fair to you. Recognizing that they reflect the interests of the Islanders they represent, organizations must also be treated fairly and with respect.

  3. Openness and Transparency: Governments need to be open and accessible to those they are built to serve. We have acts, regulations, forms, processes and complaints about access to information as citizens grow more frustrated with their efforts to get information - information they are paying for. Here is my approach: let’s reverse the onus. Unless it can be demonstrated that it should not be public (personal information for example) then it should be available upon request and better yet posted on the government website so people know the information exists.

  4. Appreciation of our Culture: One of my greatest joys and richest experiences is storytelling: sharing stories that reflect our Island culture, our approach, our way of looking at ourselves and others. I enjoy it because it connects with people, it shares in a verbal form so much of who we are. Storytelling is only one of many aspects of our culture, and I respect and appreciate the many wonderful artists, crafters, performers and uniquely creative and talented people in our province. Their contributions are tremendous and help form our identity and I am committed to supporting and promoting the Island’s cultural industries.

  5. Regard for the Environment: You can’t live or work on any type of farm and not respect the environment. Working with animals, or watching a crop spring from freshly prepared soil, offers an insight into the complex and highly integrated ecosystem in which we live. Working with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of PEI has taught me an appreciation for our relationship with Mother Earth. My work with Island fishers has shown me firsthand the importance of healthy oceans and waterways. Common sense tells me we have a responsibility to maintain and protect our environment for future generations. Government should lead the way.

  6. Engagement & Cooperation: All 27 MLAs are elected by Islanders. All 27 should be actively engaged in working for Islanders rather than political bickering and gamesmanship. Every MLA should have the opportunity to help shape government policy, learn about issues, share ideas and work together. I know it will not be easy, but I am determined to knock down some of the barriers to getting the most out of every MLA. All the principles I talk about should be on display in our Legislative Assembly. More unites than divides us. We can accomplish more together. I will work with local individuals and organizations in a spirit of cooperation. I will work with other provinces and the federal government to advance common goals and ensure our province is seen as a willing partner in continuing to build on what began in Charlottetown in 1864.

  7. Financial Stewardship: Governments have to spend money to serve the diverse population they represent, but that should never be taken as an excuse to spend unwisely. We don’t have massive financial resources so we literally can’t afford to waste a penny on poorly planned initiatives or political favours. A substantial amount of provincial government spending results from federal transfers so it is important we use those funds wisely, respecting all Canadians. I will strive to make wise use of your taxes and keep your taxes as low as possible.

  8. Commitment: In sport if you are committed, you show up to play, and you keep playing even when the going gets tough. I am committed to doing my best for Islanders. I have witnessed the commitment and the time demands on a leader and Premier. I am prepared to do the work. I am truly in this to make a difference. Governments and politicians must admit when they make mistakes. When I make a mistake, and I expect I will, I will admit the mistake, attempt to correct it, learn from it and move forward. Like making mistakes, governments have a tendency to resist changing direction even when the current direction is not working. I do not believe any decision is so perfect that it can’t be altered and improved. I will share my ideas, I will listen to yours and we will work together to set a course for Prince Edward Island, but if it isn’t working, then I will be open to change.
As this campaign evolves, I look forward to sharing some of my ideas that I feel will keep our province moving forward. More importantly, I want to hear your ideas. If you have an idea you would like to share with me, please click here and submit it through our campaign website. It’s about people, Dennis King PC Leadership Candidate